Bonus Bucks Rewards Program

thank you ...

... for being a loyal Davids customer. We really appreciate your business. That's why we developed BONUS BUCKS. We know that you work hard for your money, so we designed this program to reward you for your loyalty in doing business with Davids.

Earn points when you cash a check, pay a bill, buy a money order, get or load a prepaid debit card! In fact, you can earn points for most services offered at Davids Check Cashing. See the chart below for details. And when you've earned enough points, cash them in for instant cash rebates, paid on the spot - up to $100!

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So get your number card and key tag to join today.

It's free and you can start earning points with your very first transaction.

Most check cashing businesses just take your money for the services they provide.

At Davids, we pay you back. That's why we developed BONUS BUCKS the exciting new rewards program from Davids Check Cashing that pays you cash back for being a loyal customer. Every time you perform a qualifying transaction, you earn points based on either the fee for that transaction or a fixed number of points for the transaction itself.

See the chart below for ways to earn points:

For example, cash a check with a fee of $5 and earn 100 points.

Buy a money order of any amount and earn 15 points. The  more you do, the more you earn. When you reach certain point levels, you can redeem them for instant cash rebates, paid to you right on the spot!

You'll be surpised just how quickly your points will add up.

And look for special promotional opportunities where we will offer additional points for special promotions and you can earn even more.

how does it work ?

It's really very simple.

If you already have a Davids Check Cashing key tag, you are already enrolled in the program and may already have earned points on past transactions. Check the bottom of your receipt to see what you have already earned.

If you are not enrolled in the program,

simply complete a brief account set up in our computer system and you will be issued a special membership card and key tag.

Be sure to use your card or key tag every time

you perform a transaction at Davids, and you will get credit for that transaction in your account. Your transaction receipt will have your current point totals printed on it reflecting your points earned through the last transaction.

It's really that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Get your membership started today and begin earning points with your next transaction.

At Davids, We Turn Checks Into Cash ... and your business earns you more cash!!

check cashing fee calculator

The fees shown here are based on payroll or government checks. Commercial checks may have slightly higher fees. Please see store for details.

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