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At Davids Check Cashing, we offer a variety of cash services and cash most types of checks, including:
  • Payroll Checks
  • Government Benefits
  • Tax Refunds
  • Insurance Drafts
  • Attorney’s Checks
  • Money Orders
We at David’s will make every possible effort to cash your check in a fast courteous and efficient manner.
We will go the extra step to make sure you walk out with your cash, you work hard for your money we will work harder to cash your check.
What should you bring:
The first time you come into one of our locations we may ask for a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Green Card Etc.). You may also be asked for your Social Security number.
Become a valued customer:
The first time you conduct a transaction with us, you will be provided a Valued Customer ID. This ID will serve as your customer identification and it will be accepted at any of our retail locations.

Refer a friend program terms & conditions

Referred customer must be a new customer to Davids Check Cashing.

Referred customer must cash a check at Davids Check Cashing.

Once you referred a friend that meets the criteria described above, your checks will be cashed for free up to a $600 face amount. If face amount is higher than $600.00, we will give you a credit up to the equivalent of the fee for the face amount of $600.00 and you will be responsible to pay the fee for the difference above the$600.00 face amount.

Free Check Cashing term is for a 30 day period.

No purchased necessary to participate.

small business services

  • Checks Payable to Business or Company
  • Coin Redemption services
  • ATM
  • EZ- Pass On-The-Go Tags
  • Prepaid Cards – debit, phone and wireless airtime
  • POB Deposits - if you are a MSB and have your account with certain credit unions we can accept your deposit at many of our locations.
We cash checks made payable to any business, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or any legitimate business entity.
What you should bring:
Before you can cash a commercial check, you must complete our Commercial Application.
If you are a sole proprietor click here for that Application
If you are a Corporation/Partnership or other click here for that Application
The completed Application must be notarized and must bear the entity’s corporate seal
If you would like additional information please contact our Compliance Department at 888 268-2330 ext 116 or 115

check cashing fee calculator

The fees shown here are based on payroll or government checks. Commercial checks may have slightly higher fees. Please see store for details.

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